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Mr. Baca has a background principally directed at the water quality aspects of environmental engineering projects. Such projects include extensive analytical and field studies. He has participated in investigative studies for industry, consultants, att orneys, and regulators. He has participated in groundwater and/or contaminant studies for several large and small industries located in TX, and about 20 other states. He has also analyzed data from sites in Brazil, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and M exico. Typical tasks included source/origin and travel time analysis, site characterizations, estimates of contaminant transport, establishing responsibility (cost allocation), evaluation of aquifer clean-up alternatives, computer modeling, aquif er test analysis and design, permit applications, and report writing. Field activities include water, soil, and waste material sampling, surface and borehole geophysical surveys, and aquifer tests. Mr. Baca has also testified as an expert witness in sever al legal cases.

Mr. Baca also has experience in ground and surface water computer modeling. Such projects include, for example, regional groundwater supply studies for the City of Houston, Fort Bend County, and Brazoria County in Texas, and contaminant transport studi es for EPA Superfund sites among others. Mr. Baca has also written a number of practical interactive groundwater models.

Surface water modeling includes: a detailed water quality study of Lake Houston, Houston, Texas, for the City of Houston Public Health Engineering Department. The Lake Houston project involved extensive field assessment, sampling and statistical data a nalysis.


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