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I will be collecting comments sent to me via email here. Comments will be listed at my discretion. If you'd like to have a comment added or deleted from here, please send me an email to the address listed in the main index page. I hope this section will grow productively with time.

I would just like to say "Kudos" on what I feel to be an accurate read of both John Stossel and Dennis Miller.  The more thought that is given to both the more I realize how much you hit the nail on the head.  
--Joseph Todd, ENTP, 24 August 2001
Thanks for the effort you've made in making these photos available on the web.  It's great to see pictures of people I knew almost thirty years ago.  Thanks also for your alumni e-mail list.  Looking at the names on the list also brought back memories.  T here are several things I remember about my short but fantastic stay at Schutz.  Two of those are:  1. touch football at lunch time with O'dell Anderson and 2. you and Diane always together!  I was at Schutz for part of 1973 (I think) and spent a lot of m y time with Milton and John Stubbs.
--John Makar, 7 June 2001
Hello, my name is Anthony and I'm a student at Buffalo State College. I came across your web site and was very impressed with what you had presented regarding measurements on personalities. I would really like to get some more information because I'm re searching to evaluate a published creative measure to analyze.
--Anthony Camacho, 10 May 2000
I just visited your web page, I really enjoyed it, specially all of the Quotes. There was a pair that was duplicated. But all of them are great. Can I take some to send to others?
[ Translated from a message in Spanish ].
--Roxanna A., 12 February 2000

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