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Hi Ernie,

That's fantastic! Well done for being one of the few people I know who actually apply what they learn. I wish you every success and many more injury free, enjoyable years of running.

--"Phil from S.F.A." <>, 4 November 2001


More than three months ago I wrote to you asking for some advice about running economy. You suggested I get Egoscue's books. I got the first listed and started doing the exercises immediately. I believe they have really helped me with my injuries, even though I am not running any faster, yet. I believe they have really helped me and I will eventually be able to increase my training load without getting injured. I have since recommended the book to some of my other running buddies. A couple of days ago I ran 5000m in a track meet, and even though my time was not spectacular, I got an unrequested comment from someone who said I was the smoothest runner out there. No one has ever made such a comment to me in 27 yrs of running. In fact, many times before people have commented on my poor running form.

Thank you again for suggesting Egoscue's books to me.
--Ernie, 3 November 2001

Hi Ernie,
It is possible to improve running economy but the injuries you have sustained may have affected your posture and balance. If you're interested there are 2 books I can recommend by Pete Egoscue. I have very poor posture due to schuermanns disease and I have found his advice extremely useful. The 2 books are...
- The Egoscue Method Of Health Through Motion
- Pain Free

They are not about running economy or specifically for runners but Pete has worked with many professional athletes to improve their performance and help them recover from injury.

Hope this helps
--"Phil from S.F.A." <>, 16 July 2001

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